Day 5- Cowrite #2, Gracious God, Lead Your People

Chris Mallonee and myself just finished Day 5 which is our 2nd cowrite together!

We had been wanting to write a song about being the church and where we kept going to was what our need is & how we need Gods help if we ever going to live out the calling He has for us. We wanted to write something simple, singable and true. We hope that its encouraging as we had a lot of fun writing it!

NameTyler Daniel/ Chris Mallonee

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Gracious God, Lead Your People

Verse 1

Flood this heart with your mercy

Free this mind of empty worry

Fix these eyes upon your glory

Use these hands, write my story


Verse 2

Bread of life, you sustain us

Clothe us now, with Your presence

Fix our eyes upon your glory

Use our hands, write Your story


Father bring Your kingdom

Help your church arise

Send us now in power

The hands and feet of Christ


Verse 3

Help us now, seek your kingdom

Lead us not, into temptation

Deliver us, from all evil

Gracious God, lead your people



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