Red wine poached pear tart

Those pears have been soaking in red wine since Wednesday morning!

NameKelsey & Tanner Easley

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So this dessert started with poaching the pears in a red wine(and a few other ingredients), then letting them soak for a few days. The smell is out of this world. Then today I made a tart crust, reduced the wine sauce to more of a syrup and then baked it all together! It's a rustic looking dessert, and the color on those pears is so beautiful!

The steps in this dessert were all very simple and honestly didn't take long in and of themselves. But like I said earlier, I did start on Wednesday. As I was thinking about this dessert and what God might show me through it, I was reminded that sometimes He isn't asking much. Like a whole lot of the time He is just asking for small steps of obedience, but those small steps over a period of time can really transform us. Thankful that He is patient and understanding in His asking and waiting for obedience!

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