"What's not to love?"

A little bit about my wife, Rhonda Beth Reeves.

NameJames Reeves

Rhonda was raised on a farm about forty miles or so northwest of Lubbock near Littlefield, Texas. She went to school in Whitharral; a small farming town located between Littlefield and Levelland. The people there are most kind and seem to genuinely care about one another. After High School Rhonda attended and graduated from South Plains Jr College in Levelland. Rhonda had been a very talented basketball player in High School and had dreams of playing for Waylon Baptist. Her dreams were shattered when she blew her knee out. Rhonda still loves basketball and is a huge Spurs fan. Above all though, she loves Jesus.

Littlefield is best known for being the hometown of Waylon Jennings. One summer when Josh was staying with his grandparents he and his granddaddy went to the barbershop in Littlefield to get granddaddy a haircut. While they were there Waylon Jennings walked in. Waylon wasn’t there for a haircut; he just came in to shoot the breeze. When he left the barber ask Josh if he knew who that was. Josh told him no and the Barber said proudly, “That was Waylon Jennings!” Josh said, “Who’s that?” Josh was not a country music fan.

Rhonda’s dad Driscal was six foot four and a big man. I don’t believe he was afraid of anything. There’s no doubt as to where he stood on issues. His voice was deep and if the need be, somewhat intimidating. Prior to Rhonda and me getting married I ask her dad for her hand in marriage. I had ridden around with her dad for three days getting up my courage to speak with him about the matter. My boss at the time is the one who enlightened me to the fact that I was supposed to ask her dad for her hand and his blessing. Rhonda later told me that her dad knew what I was going to ask and thus he had plenty of time to think about his reply. As my boss had suggested, or set me up, I told her dad how much I loved her, how hard I would work for her and how much I made per hour. I don’t think the latter impressed him at all. I had spoken my piece and was feeling pretty good about things until he responded. “Well, I’ll tell you one thing. There’s no boy good enough for my daughter.”  Wow. Not exactly what I was expecting to hear. I sat there quietly for what seem like several minutes. Then with that same deep voice he said, “But then on the other hand, there’s no girl too good for one of my sons. So I can see both sides of it.” He gave us his blessing.

In case you’re not aware, the South Plains, as they call it, is flat and the dirt is red. More red dirt than you’ve ever seen. I was use to black dirt. On a clear day, you can see for miles. On the surface it doesn’t look like much but Rhonda taught me to see the beauty in the land. The soil is rich and when the crops are growing it is quite beautiful. A thirty to forty mile-per-hour wind is somewhat normal. Anywhere you see a cluster of trees you’ll find a house. Winter brings bitter cold and snow while spring brings thunderstorms, hail and the possibility of tornados; tornados that can stay on the ground for extended periods of time. Storm cellars are pretty common. A clear night is a sight to behold. The Milky Way still proudly displays God’s glorious creation. I love looking up at the night sky there!

Rhonda’s mom Trudie was a preacher’s daughter. Trudie still resides in the house Rhonda grew up in. Driscal and Trudie were married and farmed together for over fifty years. Trudie was the church pianist and can be quite the cutup at times. Rhonda and both of her brothers are gifted singers. The harmony they produce is quite soothing. When we were standing by the unity candle at our wedding, Rhonda sang to me. Both of Rhonda’s brothers as well as a cousin are or were in ministry.

As a young girl Rhonda hoed cotton, cooked and cleaned. She actually enjoys cleaning. Her mom said she would have to make her stop! Rhonda also has a sweet spirit. I’ve never known her to have any malice toward anyone. Rhonda has always had innocence about her and still does. I thank her parents for that. Rhonda believes in and stands by her sons. When Josh and James were little we began praying for their future wives, for God to watch over them and protect them. Rhonda also prayed that God would give them wives that would allow her to continue to love her sons. God answered our prayers and we have two wonderful daughter-in-laws that are more like daughters. Rhonda also loves are grandchildren without partiality. She will do most anything for them.

When God blessed me with Rhonda for a wife, He exhibited much grace. What Rhonda’s daddy once said about her still rings true, “What’s not to love?”

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