Strawberry lemonade cookies

NameSarah Brumit

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7 in 7 inspired me to try a new recipe this week. I always want to try new roll out cookie recipes, but usually I'm too busy with orders to be able to, and when I do actually have the time I'd rather do anything than bake 🙂 so thanks 7 in 7 for pushing me to be creative this week. Now I am wanting to try tons more flavored recipes.

These cookies are a strawberry lemonade dough with lemon royal icing. They taste SO good, like a strawberry pop tart. I was going to package them all cute and sell them for end of year teacher gifts but then I realized that selling them wouldn't be in the spirit of 7 in 7. So I'm going to package them in sets of 2 or 4 and bring them to church Sunday. If you want to try them come find me 🙂

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