Hard Looking Back

One last song for our last day!

NameBrandon Padier

Two things about this week before getting into the song:

First:  I don't know how, other than the grace of God, that I was able to write as much as I did this week.  It was difficult, but so extremely worth it.  It definitely has helped me develop a (here comes a Redeemer trademark buzzword for you) rhythm with my songwriting, and that is something I will definitely carry forward.
Second: I am so incredible thankful and amazed at how wonderful and unique everyone's creations came out!  I hope this helps us realize that there is no such thing between "creatives" and "regular folk", but that we are all creators because if we are made in God's image/likeness, his poema, then we are ALL creators.  I hoped this has blessed and encouraged all of you as much as it has me.

This song was a great fun to write, I'm learning to find more peace in writing about life, and life in love, as opposed to just life without love (aka broken-hearted ballads as I like to call them).  I love writing in both mindsets, but it has been a fun change digging into a bit of a left turn than I am used to, so I hope you all enjoy the song as much as I do!

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