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Motherhood is a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

NameMeghan Gatewood

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I've been struggling with anger and bitterness and am using my paintings to find joy within the areas I experience stress. This first piece comes from being a mom.

The movement starts from left to right. I was inspired by sound waves and heart rates, when you are hooked up to a fetal monitor in the hospital before baby comes. The lines/waves I used represent my first pregnancy, my first two years of being a mom (which started with the incredible joy of loving something that much and struggling with the guilt I felt being a full-time working mom and feeling like someone else was raising my child), experiencing loss through a miscarriage, the challenge of my third pregnancy with my second son, and the struggle of going from one to two children.

Through these struggles the Lord has showed me much grace while bringing people into my life to comfort and encourage me. I'm thankful for this reminder. The piece represents the overall rollercoaster ride motherhood has been the last four years.

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