Day 2 Weaving

I started weaving a few months ago and have really enjoyed how it has allowed me to be creative! They take me a little while, so I'll just update on my progress this week! This one isn't finished yet!

NameKelsey Easley

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Each time I start a new weaving I have a general goal or vision for what I want it to look like in the end. However, I don't think a single piece I've created has turned out how I imagined it. Sometimes it's the color scheme, sometimes the textures, or maybe the lines that have changed from my original plan. Sometimes I can see mistakes or just spots that I could have done better. But to my surprise, I always end up liking it. It may not look like what I had envisioned or hoped for, but it's still beautiful. (Or at least it is to me).

Life has been a little bit like that. I never would have imagined this would be my life(not in a bad way, I just didn't foresee where I would be at the age of 32). I can look back at the mistakes, rough patches, changes of scenery, and it's still a little shocking. But God has been faithful through it all, he's kept weaving new things in my heart, he's kept working. And there's definitely beauty in that.

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