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Fighting for control.

NameMeghan Gatewood

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Continuing with my theme of finding joy within my stress,  today's piece comes from my constant desire for control, perfection and pleasing others.

The box in the corner symbolizes my desire to keep things in a box where they can be contained, perfect and neat. Shortly after painting the box my 3-year-old used his paint brush to smear it all around and destroy it. I kept it because I found it fitting.  Although I try to control my surroundings that isn't what God created me for. He is the one in control and although I want to be, ultimately it is way better that He is.

I used watercolors for this one since they are more unpredictable and less controllable.  And stuck with calming colors around the box to symbolize the Lord surrounding me despite my faults. I also left the bottom corner intentionally unfinished because typically when I try to control things they never end the way I thought.

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