Hospitality of the heart days 2&3

NameKatieBeth Bruxvoort

I'm spending this week being intentional on cultivating my heart for hospitality and for either doing things to welcome people into my home or into my life. Yesterday (I'm writing a day late) I worked all day, and will continue today, cleaning out and reorganizing to empty the guest room closet to make room for someone coming to live with us at the end of the summer. Since this task isn't especially creative or out of the box, I'm also spending time these two days thinking of ways to encourage those around me with little acts of kindness. Yesterday I took a sweet little friend in the 3/4 Sunday school class a special treat for exceptionally kind and helpful behavior on Sunday. Today, Andy is traveling again so I am teaming up with another mom whose husband is gone to get through the challenging late afternoon/evening hours and I will take dinner and some treats to their house and help her (she's 38 weeks pregnant) get her boys into bed.

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