Day 3 FUNfetti Cake & Pic

3 layer homemade FUNfetti cake with buttercream frosting going to a family that is equally as fun!

NameKelsey & Tanner Easley

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Today I ventured into a classic, comfort, fun dessert.

Just three layers of yellow cake with A FULL CUP of sprinkles dumped in the batter to make it FUNfetti! Then covered with loads of buttercream and more sprinkles!

Took this to a really fun and sweet family tonight and on the way over, we spotted a huge rainbow! I mean, there's a lot of things in nature that can point you to our Creator, but holy moly. How does he come up with this stuff?!? A rainbow is so beautiful and I know there's some science behind how it happens but I'm still like whaaaa?!? Just praising God for his beautiful creation! 🌈

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