Psalm 23 Chorus

From a day that didn't go as planned.

NameWhitney Krusee

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Psalm 23 is one of my favorite Psalms. My brother in law, Michael, and I love to play music together so when he texted me yesterday morning asking if I wanted to hang out that night I asked if he wanted to write a song with me. The evening didn't go as planned. My other brother in law was in town and we wanted to have dinner with him, dinner went long and I was walking into Michael's house at 10pm tired. I came to the writing session with three ideas of themes we could write around and he liked the idea of Psalm 23. We went back and forth on cadence and words for a little while and landed on this as the chorus. By 11:30 we were tired and I needed to head home. So, all we have is a chorus but I'm okay with something not totally done. At least we completed a chorus right? I was so glad we did finally sit down and write something together though. There is often a wall you have to break down when collaborating with someone creatively and we hopefully opened up the road to more writing together, which I am looking forward to. In a way we were both blessed by each other in the creative process and cultivated our love towards God and each other as family. Create. Cultivate. Bless. (even if we didn't finish what we started!)

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