Me and Daddy

A short story made up 100%  by Addison. Dad is just the transcriber.

NameAddison Mallonee

Me and Daddy

One time at Nana and Pop Pop's house, Daddy and I went on a walk with my cousins Caroline and Carter. We were walking to the candy store. When we got to the candy store, we couldn't get in. The lights were off and the doors were locked. So we found another candy store that was open. We got some candy and went home.

When we got back home, Mommy was there. We shared our candy with my other cousins, Emma and Parker. We also shared candy with Mommy and Nana and Pop Pop.

Then we went to the Houston Children's Museum. I liked playing on the rope seat where you pull yourself up. I also liked the hula dancers and the HEB in Kidtropolis. The telephone robot was really cool!

The End

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