Hope in the Storm

I have struggled with depression since I was 18, so this tattoo is a reminder that there is always hope in the storm.

NameAutumn Gebhart

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I have struggled with depression since I was a freshman in college. A combination of the unknown, being on my own for the first time and some tumultuous friendships led me down a dark, self-deprecating path. Depression and anxiety are still a part of my life but I choose to see my story as a gift--one that I can share with others.

I receive weekly if not daily comments about my tattoos and I'm able to use those moments to tell people my story of redemption. There will always be storms and there will always be struggles but there is also a ray of hope. Hope that it will get better. Hope that someone else needs you. Hope that someone needs to hear your story.

I encourage you to see the sunshine in the storm.


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