The Haul Truck Driver

God reaches after a man's heart and repairs an old bulldozer.

NameJames Reeves

“Hey James, come in here for a minute. I need to talk to you about something. I don’t mind you telling these guys about Jesus and all but don’t be telling them you love them. They’re making fun of you.”

“Its ok boss, I don’t mind. I meant it.”

Now I’m a firm believer that when you’re hired to do a job, that job is what you do. Sluffing off and talking about anything other than work is steeling. That being said, the LORD has provided me countless opportunities to share Jesus with others without me having to steel time from my boss. Such is the case with this story. I don’t remember exactly why we were riding together but the new haul truck driver had needed some help with something. So as we bounced down the highway together I shared my testimony and shared about Jesus. And yes, I told him that I loved and cared about him.  FYI, a haul truck is a combination of a truck and trailer used to move large equipment. I guess I must have shocked the driver as well as given him some ammo for a good laugh.

Later in the week, my boss sent me out to work on an old yellow John Deere bulldozer that had developed a hydraulic leak. It was located on the side of hill alongside FM-2222. My job was to diagnose and repair the machine before the haul truck driver showed up to move it. You have to understand that to a contractor a machine going down is an emergency. After all time is money! Field mechanics were charged with the task of keeping the equipment up and running.

I made it out to the machine and determined the location of the leak. On the surface it looked like an easy fix; a blown hydraulic hose. The problem was that the hose ran through a steel channel that had years of rock and dirt caked in and around the hose. I dug out as much rock and dirt as I could reach but the hose wouldn’t budge. It was like the hose was set in concrete. What was I going to do? The haul truck was on its way. So I pulled and tugged and pulled and tugged but no luck. I even tied a chain to the hose and attached it to the back of my truck. Using my truck to pull on the hose only resulted in the end of the hose ripping off. It wasn’t looking good and the haul truck was on its way.

So I stopped and prayed. “Please LORD, if you will help me remove this hose I will give You all the glory and honor and praise and when the haul truck driver gets here I will tell him the story and how it was You that released the hose.”  Now I don’t support the idea that we can bargain with God. But in all honesty I guess that’s what I did. I made Him a promise, a promise to give Him the credit.

Now it was time for me to step out on faith. I climbed up onto the track of the machine and thought, “I had better brace myself so I don’t fall should this hose release.” I began to pull on the hose and before I could even get a good tug on it the hose twisted and slid. It was loose! And it pulled right out. I began to cry. I raised my hands to heaven and thanked Him. For my God was not too busy to help. As trivial as this situation may seem, a mountain had been moved for me. Or maybe it was for my boss. Anyway God had showed that He even cared about the little things in my life.

The driver showed up and I kept my promise. It was the same driver I had shared Jesus with before. Later that year someone reported that they had seen him at a men’s retreat. You never know how God’s going to work. You just never know.

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