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Discretion advised - Contains references to construction deaths.

A Charge to Share the Gospel.

NameJames Reeves

Construction is an extremely dangerous business. You have to constantly watch out for yourself as well as others. Safety should always be first and foremost. My grandkids think I am overprotective and worry too much. Perhaps I do. But I’ve seen a lot. I know what can happen. With construction, it’s not a matter of “if” something’s going to happen, it’s “when.” Each day you pray to God for safety and hold your breath hoping there will be no news. As a doctor once told me, “No news is good news.”

The accident I was involved in produced a bit of a scare but obviously, no fatality. During the eight and a half years that I worked for an underground utility contractor, four men lost their lives.

In February of 79’, seven months after my accident, Little Art lost his life. He was working on a frontend loader when a hose broke, dropping the huge bucket on him. He was eighteen years of age. I don’t think his parents ever got over it. The only good news was that he had recently given his life to Christ. I often wondered why my life was spared and his was taken.  

Felipe was flagging traffic when a frontend loader backed over him. He was an older man but his family hurt just the same. He was dearly loved.

Another worker, a man that I never had the pleasure of meeting, was walking alongside a track-drill when due to the ground being sloped and wet the tracks slipped downward. He was trapped underneath with the tracks still spinning. He died a few weeks later as gangrene set in.

The last death I recall was another teenager. He was in a bore pit and moving large steel casing into position. The casing was attached to a lift chain held by a cherry-picker. The operator of the cherry-picker was looking downward watching the men in the pit as they directed him. The boom of the machine touched a low hanging power line. There were two men holding and guiding the casing. One was able to let go, the young man was not.

My business partner will occasionally share his story of how a water main break caused a ditch to cave in. He was buried up to his chest with the water rising. To survive a ditch cave-in of any type is almost unheard of. A quick response from the crew saved his life.

These incidents as well as others added to the responsibility I felt to share the gospel with as many as would listen. One of the ways I tried to share was through the “The Four Spiritual Laws” tract. Now Freddie was a tough guy, a foreman you didn’t want to mess with. He was missing multiple fingers that he had lost while setting a manhole. I had pulled up on the job to check and fuel the equipment. As I was working I tried to slip the operator and a couple of others a tract. Freddie spotted me and yelled, “Hey! What-cha got there?” I sheepishly explained what the tract was and what it was about. “What’s the matter? Don’t you think there’s any hope for me? Give me one of those tracts.” I didn’t know it but Freddie’s grandmother had been praying for him. God used the tract as small piece of the puzzle to help draw Freddie’s heart to Him. It wasn’t much longer and Freddie came to know the LORD! Freddie later established his own business and was able to help build a church building. His business became quite successful. Years later he sold his business and retired. A few years afterwards Freddie lost a hard-fought battle with cancer. But I have no doubt that Freddie is with Jesus.

No-one can change another person’s heart. That’s the job of the Holy Spirit. We can pray for them, share our lives with them, and share our LORD with them. May each of us love the LORD our God with all of our heart, mind soul and strength. And may we love our neighbor as ourselves.

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