Day 3: Confession

This is about seeking self and is based on the book Relationships: A Mess Worth Making which is part of the Foundations Class Curriculum.   I know I see myself in each of these lines at one time or another.

NameJohnna Hafich

I find myself seeking the approval or acceptance of parents and people I am close to, waiting for their affirmation. Yet, You gave me your life and have accepted me as a princess in Your kingdom.

Forgive my self-centeredness.

I find myself wanting to be the chairman of all things and in control, often at the cost of unity.  Yet, You, the creator of the universe are in control of all things. My life is in Your hands.

Forgive my desire for self-rule.

I find myself seeking my independence.  I draw away from others, not wanting to get involved or make a commitment to those in my life.  Yet, You seek me out, longing for me to place my dependence solely in You.

Forgive my desire for self-sufficiency.

I find myself wanting to be the one in the right. I feel the need to win that confrontation in front of me or hold others to my standards, often leaving them feeling dismissed or condemned. Yet, You alone are righteous and good.  Your grace abounds and my works are but filthy rags.

Forgive my desire for self-righteousness.

I find myself following after my own desires.  I put my wants above those of others to the detriment of community.  Yet, You have in obedience set aside equality with God so that I can be united with You in community.

Forgive my desire for self-satisfaction.

I find myself seeking my own counsel, my own sense of truth or wisdom.  I want to be the teacher not the student.  Yet, You are the source of all knowledge and you have given me Your Spirit and Your Word for me to grow day by day.

Forgive my desire to be self-taught.




Inspired by the book Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by Timothy S. Lane and Paul David Tripp

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