I Will Remember (Song) - 6 of 7

This is a simple song of adoration. Based on Corinthians 11:24 - a reminder to remember the sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross as we gather at the communion table.

NameChris Mallonee

I Will Remember

Verse 1
I come to You with this simple song
My sins nailed to that tree a long time ago
Remind me the joy to share in Your suffering
Remind me the peace you bought for me

I will remember, Your body poured out
I will remember, blood flowing down
O Calvary, sorrow that brought victory
With this bread and this cup,
I will remember You, My Lord

Verse 2
When I think of the pain to give Your only Son
I stand amazed all that You’ve done
He was betrayed by the ones he came to save
He suffered and died, to conquer the grave

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