Day 7- The War is won(cowrite w/collin huntley)

My goal this week was to do several songs not meant for corporate worship  but it was pretty difficult. I ended up with 1 with a large amount of help from another local artist named Collin Huntley.

NameTyler Daniel

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This song is about the internal struggles we all face. We know that Christ has beaten sin, death & satan but we still live in a messy broken world. The war is won but everyday is a battle that seems to paint a different picture. I am learning more & more not to hide or fight but to live in surrender to whatever God has for me day by day. In surrender to Him & His love I learn to receive grace in my time of need & the battles subside. I hope this gives a little context to what was a challenging & interesting song to attempt to write.

#7in7 was a blast! It has been amazing to see what everyone has created!

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