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Holy French Buttercream.

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I titled it Holy French Buttercream for two reasons. First in the shocking manor like, holy moly, and second because I think it's a sanctifying recipe. 😂

For as many cakes and cupcakes as I've made(which is a lot), I've always stuck with American buttercream because it easy and it's tastes pretty good. But this recipe called for French buttercream. It's a process to say the least. I'll spare you the details because I'm sure it's foreign language to some. But, I did it! Twice actually. (Because I made a really silly mistake the first time.) But now I totally get why some people swear by French buttercream. It's really good.

The rest of the dessert is a chocolate cake spiked with coffee, then a mound of the buttercream, then crushed roasted peanuts & pretzels, then chocolate ganache drizzle, Apparently I'm drawn to ganache because that's the 3rd one I've made this week!

Anyways, I've REALLY enjoyed 7in7 for a lot of reasons. I've loved the discipline it's forced me to have, the planning out of each dessert, the drive by dessert-ing, the beautiful pictures Tanner has taken, and just getting in the kitchen more than normal. I have not enjoyed the extra dish washing, but hey, there has to be a little sacrifice right?

God has shown me a surprising amount of things throughout this week and I'll admit I was pretty unsure that He would reveal Himself to me while throwing ingredients into a bowl. Obviously God didn't choose to speak to me because it's the sacred 7in7 week, it's because I was asking Him to. I was waiting and listening and seeking. He's always there, He's always ready.


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