Day 7 - It Almost didn't happen

The plan was for each kid to pick out a verse to put by their bed, but today got rolling and that didn't happen, but that didn't stop us.

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Most of Soma is camping at lake Georgetown. I realized just an hour ago that I had forgotten to work on our verse for the day. Luckily while we were playing banagrams someone thought of the idea of using the game tiles to make a verse. So once we finished the game I got to work. Lizzie Nowak gave me the idea for a verse about rest idle Sabbath. That's when u came across this verse. Today hasn't been restful, but as I sit hear listening to Gods creation, the wind in the trees, the different animal and insects making their sounds, I am thankful that I can rest in Jesus! Today was a great day, even though it didn't go as planned. I can rest my in ability to make things happen perfectly in the one who holds everything together. Thanks for your words Lizzie, thanks God for yourbamazinf creation and thank you Jesus that I can rest in you!

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