Day 2 note to Sharon Iliadis

Ms. Iliadis was my Senior Honors English Teacher in High School. She spent countless hours with me my senior year to help improve my writing. Her teaching ability and love for helping students grow in their writing skills impacted me significantly.

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So the fact that my 7in7 challenge is writing letters to people who made an impact on my life is ironic because I do not like writing, but I hope to grow in it. Any writing abilities I possess are because of the time Ms. Iliadis spent with me during my senior year of high school.  So I started off today trying to find an address or contact information for her. This is a search I have done countless times over the years.  I remembered one time when I had done this in the past that she was teaching in Europe at an international school. I even found an email address but never got a response. So today I used that bit of info and started googling. I scrolled through pages that wanted me to pay for information. I thought I found her as a life coach in Greece, a place she had lived before. Then I clicked on a link that led to an International school. I scrolled down to find her name in the letter from the school's director looking back at the 2011-12 school year. To my shock, she had passed away during that school year. That was not what I was expecting to find. The thoughts of all the things I was going to say to her were gone, and now I was processing a loss I had not expected. It did take me back, wishing I had reached out before, wondering if she knew the impact she had made on my life, and unsure why God would place her on my heart to write to if she was already gone.

I don't have any answers yet, but I trust this is part of the process for me this week.

So here is a picture of the envelope I hoped to address and fill with a letter for a teacher that challenged me to find the writer hidden inside of me. Now it's a reminder not to wait to share with someone the impact they have had on you.

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