a letter I wrote out for my dad before he had a cardiac angiogram in April this year.

NameCourtney Strifler

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My dad is the most sacrificial and loving man I know besides my husband, Tim. He raised 3 kids on his own for most of my childhood and managed to work a full-time job, attend all our sports and music events, and guide us as only a wise and loving father could.

To this day, he is immensely loved, respected and cared for by his kids and all who know him.

In April, he told me he had been having chest pain for over a month. Once I got over the fact that "hello Dad! Your daughter is an ICU nurse!!", I heard him tell me he was scheduled to have an angiogram the following Monday and he was really scared. He took the time to call each of his kids to tell us how proud he is and how much he loves us. He was so vulnerable and genuine with each of us in a way that only a true man of God could. Here is the letter I wrote to him the night before his procedure.

P.S. he ended up having two stents placed in severely blocked arteries that could have killed him if he'd waited any longer to go in. Praise God for His sovereign hand over my dad's life!

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