Chocolate-Espresso Dacquoise

A layered fancy dessert that was new to me!

NameTanner & Kelsey Easley

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So today I made a Chocolate-Espresso Dacquoise. I honestly had no idea what that was, but the picture looked GOOD. So turns out it's a French layered dessert with toasted hazelnut & almond meringue, espresso Swiss buttercream, & chocolate ganache! Yum! This dessert was so different than anything I've made. My perfectionist self wasn't thrilled with the lack of neatness in the final product, but I'm trying to remember to give myself some grace. That can be tough for me sometimes. And a lot of the times, it keeps me from trying things, the whole "fear of failure" bit.

So even though it's not perfect, I'm trying to remember that I tried it and that it's totally okay to not be perfect. Thank you, Jesus for that!

And Tanner is still killing it on the pics!

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