Confession: Day 4

Another day, another confession.

NameTyler Gatewood

Jesus in you is the fullness of life, yet I choose to find life through others.

You are what should sustain my every thought and moment but I look elsewhere instead.

I confess my need to find life and approval through others.

You wait for me and tell me I'm loved, yet I choose to look for love elsewhere.

You tell me I'm accepted, yet I look for acceptance elsewhere.

You tell me I'm approved, yet I look for approval elsewhere.

Jesus, change the rhythms of my heart and mind to find the fullness of life in you and only you.

When I'm tempted to look for it somewhere else, remind of your way ever lasting.

Do not leave me to my own devices because my heart is wicked and shifting.

Remind me that in you, I need nothing else.

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