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Joy in marriage

NameMeghan Gatewood

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Continuing with my theme of finding joy in my stress I come to today's piece. Marriage. It's beautiful and it's messy.  It's hard but it's good. I've been pushing this one off debating how to tackle it and reluctantly decided tonight is the night.

It's super simple. I chose to write out the lyrics to Tyler and I's wedding song (Dave Barnes - "God gave me you"). Just simply writing these words was so therapeutic for me today.

When you pick a wedding song you think, this is sweet and are still up in somewhat of a fantasy land cloud.

Then you live life together. It's hard. And although it's hard, I experienced a really sweet moment when writing this tonight. As I wrote these words I kept thinking of how Tyler loves me like this. How cool is that?! What I once hoped for I have now seen played out. I end today greatful to Jesus for giving me someone who will love me here in my mess.

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